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Weekend in Perperikon

3 days / 2 nights


Business Tour

New investment opportunities


Rural Tour

5 days / 4 nights


Rural and Agro tourism are modifications of alternative tourism. Their origin is connected to the post-war rehabilitation of Western Europe and particularly France, where migration to the cities is limited and rural revitalization is achieved through facilitation of farmers’ initiatives in the field of tourism. Similarly, the biggest finance resource from the European Union budget is engaged in the agriculture sector. Rural tourism is characterized as a sojourn in rural environment (house, camping or other accommodation situated close to the village), contact with the local people, and access to the farm. It might be a part of a round-trip, a weekend holiday or longer stay. In both cases tourists expect to participate in everyday life of the local people – gathering of fruits and vegetables from the farm, cooking of traditional dishes, celebrating local holidays, watching or training in traditional handicrafts, folklore or agriculture traditions. These activities are usually combined with other tourism practices such as: hiking, biking, horseback riding, visits of monasteries, museums, archeological and other landmarks.

Our advantage: guest-host relations & personal attention

- The varied scenery, proven ecological factors, peace and quiet of the Bulgarian village are sufficient prerequisites for active holidays and relaxation in an unusual environment. All four seasons are suitable for rural tourism. Each season has its own fascination and holds unexpected surprises for today's urbanized man. If you want to immerse yourself in a domestic atmosphere, lifestyle and customs, you will no doubt want to get a taste of a farmer's daily chores.Products such as butter, cheese and yogurt are still made at home according to old technologies, fruit and vegetables are grown, herbs and mushrooms picked, etc.
- cooking according to traditional recipes, embroidery, and knitting.
- anyone is able to experience something new and make his dreams come true.
- Rural homes combine traditional furnishings with modern comforts and radiate coziness and warmth. The friendly hosts welcome their guests with the famous Bulgarian hospitality.
- The days are filled with good mood and unforgettable experiences.
- A unique chance for everyone to schedule their tours;
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